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Want to participate, learn more or be added to the Women-Led Wednesday community of brands and e-tailers? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out through the appropriate form below and follow the instructions to email your logo upon submission.

Brand Requirements: Women-Founded and/or Women-Led (CEO or President) consumer products brands & e-tailers.

Participation Requirements: Willingness to cross-promote the initiative through brand marketing channels, driving people to this “discovery and shopping” hub so that the general public has the opportunity to discover new women-led brands. All participating brands are encourged to launch holiday sales on Women-Led Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) - we will have opportunities to promote sales we’re aware of through the Women-Led Wednesday channels.

Non-Profits: If you’re a non-profit that benefits women (women in business, women in distress, women’s health, women’s rights etc), we want to har from you too. We will be adding a non-profit / “giving section” in 2019.

Brands That Don’t Meet Current Requirements: Even if you don’t meet this year’s requirements please don’t hesitate to submit your information and we’ll keep it on file for consideration as we grow and evolve. If you don’t hear from us immediately, it’s only because we’re overwhelmed with enthusiasm and a lot of leg work, but we will circle back as soon as we can!

After Joining: The Women-Led Wednesday team will provide assets and campaign details in September so that you have everything you need to help promote the initiative. In the meantime, please consider passing Women-Led Wednesday along to other brands who fit our criteria. The more the merrier and the more collective marketing power, the greater the lift for all brands!


BRANDS Addition INquiries

If you’re a brand interested in joining the momentum of Women-Led Wednesday, be sure to include all required details in the contact form below. We’ll follow-up with assets to help promote Women-Led Wednesday in the weeks to come. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Not a brand, but want to find out how else you can be involved? Reach out here!

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